Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#1 - First Outifit Post

Well, here it is - MY FIRST OUTFIT POST!!!!!! *Cue confetti release*

This was just a basic outfit to walk around town in. Nothing too fancy - just basic pieces with some special details. I love these pants   too such an extreme, it's kinda scary. Don't be alarmed though until you see me making out with them. At that point... I'd suggest backing away slowly and alerting the appropriate officials. 
Denim shirt, Goodwill; Black Tank Top,WalMart; Floral Print Pants, Goodwill; Gold Sandals,Goodwill; Gold Necklace (worn as headband), Goodwill; Leather Purse, Goodwill; Purple Block Necklace, Charming Charlies; Flower Belt, Kohl's; Coral Ring, WetSeal; Wire Wrapped Ring, Charming Charlies; Evil Eye Slave Bracelet, eBay.

I told you at least 80% of my wardrobe is from Goodwill! Lesson to be learned - it is possible to be on trend, have cute clothes, etc. without spending a huge amount of money. $$$$$$$ For some reason, here in WV, Goodwill has a stigma surrounding them - especially among the teenager crew. I, however, love Goodwill. Whatever, they can stay away - more patterned pants for me! 

 Can  we pause for a minute and talk about this evil eye slave bracelet?! Huge shout-out to Jessica of MsVintageVirgin  for having an article about evil eye jewelry in her archives - YAY!, for fashion stalking! I mean just look at that thing... It's so creepy! I love it. 

More detail shots:

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