Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flash Bulbs; Purple Irises

Well, I'm back in action! It's nice to finally have the internet working again. Let the fashion blogging resume! 

I wore this a few days ago, but for the life of me I can't remember what I actually did on that day! I know I had somewhere to go - why else get dressed on the last week of Summer vacation?! I think I went to a meeting of my Husky Mentor club, but I could be wrong.

Husky Mentors are upperclassmen at my high-school that agree to mentor incoming freshmen. It's been a really cool experience (I was in it last year). I wish we had the program running during my freshman year. I hope I help ease the transition from 8th grader-in middle school to 9th grade-high school freshman for the students I am mentoring. ANYWAYS, back to my outfit! 

Necklace(worn as headband), Goodwill; "John Lennon" Sunglasses, eBay; Cross Necklace, Charming Charlies; Blue Dress(worn as shirt), Vanity; Printed Skirt, Goodwill; Leopard Bracelet, eBay, Coral Ring, Charming Charlies, Triangle Bracelet, Charming Charlies, Gold Sandals, eBay 

I really like this skirt. I was worried that the length would be too long, but I think it works pretty well. What do you think? 

I also LOVE my sunglasses. John Lennon sunglasses are so iconic. I think I'll buy a new pair in black or maybe purple... 

Anyways, I'll be posting more regularly as long as the internet continues to work. I already have another outfit post ready to go & a special edition post - I went to a fair! So enjoy the detail shots of this outfit, and make sure to check back soon! Adios! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Hey guys - I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive over here! I haven't posted in the past couple of days because our internet connection has been out. I'm at the library today working on my AP English Literature project (I'm making a study of Islamophobia in American society), but being my dumb self I forgot to bring my SD card with pictures on it (I also forgot money for lunch... *Hungry Ciara*). So... hopefully I'll be able to post my pictures soon. I  go back to school on Thursday, but I don't think that will affect my blogging for a while. Once my clubs and tennis practices start I might not post as frequently, but will cross that bridge when we get there. Until then - hope you guys have a great day & hopefully you can stare at my gorgeous face again soon! Hehe. ;)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#1 - First Outifit Post

Well, here it is - MY FIRST OUTFIT POST!!!!!! *Cue confetti release*

This was just a basic outfit to walk around town in. Nothing too fancy - just basic pieces with some special details. I love these pants   too such an extreme, it's kinda scary. Don't be alarmed though until you see me making out with them. At that point... I'd suggest backing away slowly and alerting the appropriate officials. 
Denim shirt, Goodwill; Black Tank Top,WalMart; Floral Print Pants, Goodwill; Gold Sandals,Goodwill; Gold Necklace (worn as headband), Goodwill; Leather Purse, Goodwill; Purple Block Necklace, Charming Charlies; Flower Belt, Kohl's; Coral Ring, WetSeal; Wire Wrapped Ring, Charming Charlies; Evil Eye Slave Bracelet, eBay.

I told you at least 80% of my wardrobe is from Goodwill! Lesson to be learned - it is possible to be on trend, have cute clothes, etc. without spending a huge amount of money. $$$$$$$ For some reason, here in WV, Goodwill has a stigma surrounding them - especially among the teenager crew. I, however, love Goodwill. Whatever, they can stay away - more patterned pants for me! 

 Can  we pause for a minute and talk about this evil eye slave bracelet?! Huge shout-out to Jessica of MsVintageVirgin  for having an article about evil eye jewelry in her archives - YAY!, for fashion stalking! I mean just look at that thing... It's so creepy! I love it. 

More detail shots:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Greetings (And Salutations)!

Welcome to my blog! I've yet to acquire my camera I plan to use for outfit photos; so instead you all get an introduction from yours truly.

So... here we go - My name's Ciara Toothman. I'm a junior in high school and that makes me 16 years old. I do very well in school so I have a lot of time to pursue outside interests - my main one, being fashion. I'm a firm believer in shopping vintage/thrift stores as much as possible. I'd say 80% of my wardrobe comes from a thrift store, family member's closet (Hi mom!), or eBay.

My personal style is very eclectic. I appreciate trends, but am not dictated by them. I know what I like and tend to stick to my own personal style. However, living in rural West Virginia, I have grown accustomed to holding back on some of my "crazier" fashion choices. I hope to loose some of my self-consciousness by becoming connected to a larger fashion community through this blog.

I have been reading fashion blogs for many years now, but have been wary of starting my own blog. Hopefully in the coming months I'll grow more comfortable both in front of the camera and behind the scenes working with the HTML of this blog.

I am transitioning from an unaware teenager into one cognizant of the many issues in my country (United States) and world. Fashion bloggers like Bebe Zeva of Fated to Be Hated and Madeline Pendleton of JeanGreige have opened my eyes to issues like feminism (which really shouldn't be an issue - obviously women and men deserve equal treatment), xenophobia, and cultural appropriation. While this blog is first and foremost a blog documenting my ongoing adventures in fashion, I hope to incorporate topics relevant to today's society, as well.

I am a novice to photography, modeling, writing, and editing. So please bare with me during the next few months as I fine tune my skills. I am very excited about joining the creative world of fashion blogging. Please feel free to send me any suggestions you have! You can reach me at CiaraJToothman@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by! Au revior!

Ciara Jade